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2.3kWh solar panel system installed in Kettering, Northants

A 2.3kWh Solar PV electricity system installed in Kettering, Northamptonshire by Nene Valley Eco Home Improvements. 

Homeowner Lucy says “We’d been looking into solar PV and chose Nene Valley Eco Home Improvements to install our Solar PV system after they came out to meet us.  They talked us through the process and advised on the best system to have for our roof which would give us the best possible return for our money.” 

“The team at Nene Valley Eco Home Improvements were honest, friendly, helpful, professional and local to us too.  There was no pressure put upon us to buy, unlike some of the other companies we’d had to give us a quote.     

“With the governments guaranteed Feed-in Tariff scheme, fitting Solar PV made real financial sense for us."

3.6kWh solar panel system installed in Broughton, Northamptonshire

A bungalow in Broughton, Northamptonshire fitted with a Nene Valley Eco Home Improvements solar PV system.   

After reading in the newspaper how good the return on investment was for solar PV electricity systems - even with the new reduced government Feed-In Tariff of 21 pence - homeowner, Mr Falkner, chose Nene Valley Eco Home Improvements to install a 3.6kWh solar PV system consisting of 16 Suntech panels at his property. 

Mr Falkner says “Nene Valley Eco Home Improvements had just installed new energy efficient windows and doors for us.  We were really pleased with their work and prices.  We knew they installed solar PV systems, they gave us a very competitive quote and we’ve been very happy with their workmanship.”  

Mr Falkner continued, “Even on bright March mornings we’ve been generating approximately 2.5kWh of electricity, more than enough to power our washing machine (600 watts) and dishwasher (800 watts).  In fact, it’s quite a novelty checking how much electricity we’re producing by pressing the button on our free SMA Sunny Beam Bluetooth energy monitor that Nene Valley Eco Home Improvements supplied.”

3kWh solar panel installation in West Northampton

A 3kWh Nene Valley Eco Home Improvements solar PV electricity system has been installed in a village to the west of Northampton.  The system uses 13 Axitec panels, an SMA Inverter and free Sunny Beam energy monitoring device.

Homeowner Peter says “We had some money that wasn’t earning any interest in the bank, and, with a family and ever rising energy costs we thought that investing in a Nene Valley Eco Home Improvements solar PV electricity system made sensible financial sense to us.”   

“We have received a first-class service from the team at Nene Valley Eco Home Improvements.  They’ve kept us informed every step of the way and have guided us through the entire process.  They even helped us complete the paperwork required to claim the Feed-In Tariff.”

“As part of our package, we received a free energy monitoring device which has been brilliant.  We can see at a glance, how much energy is being produced, how much money we are making and how much carbon dioxide we have saved!  We now try, whenever possible, to stagger the use of our household appliances to take advantage of our free electricity.”

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