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Energy Performance Certificate

From 1st April 2012, to get Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) at the standard rate for solar PV, your property needs to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) level D or above. If you have an EPC which shows your property is band E, F or G you will need to carry out energy efficiency improvements before you can apply for the FITs or receive the FIT at the lower rate of 7.1p/KWh for the lifetime of the tariff, currently 20 years. You need to submit the EPC to your FIT supplier at the time of your application to determine which tariff you will receive. This requirement applies only to new solar PV systems and extensions of existing solar PV systems with an eligibility date on or after 1 April 2012.

To improve your home's Energy Performance Certificate rating you can install a range of Nene Valley Eco Home Improvements products, a solar PV electricity system or our A-rated, energy efficient range of PVCu windows and doors will all help you achieve a higher EPC rating for your home. Other simple changes such as fitting energy efficient light bulbs, or better insulating your loft or walls will all help too. If you don't have a Energy Performance Certificate, we will arrange a full EPC inspection should you choose to install a Nene Valley Eco Home Improvements solar PV system, we will then help you to arrange any improvements required by the EPC to meet band D, which can often be free of charge, this will guarantee that you receive the highest level of Feed-In Tariff.

Email info@nenevalleyeco.co.uk or call us now 01536 303300 and we’ll conduct a site survey and tell you how you can make your home more efficient.


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