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Feed-In Tariff

In April 2010, the government implemented a scheme to give financial rewards to homeowners if they produced their own, green electricity through the installation of solar PV electricity systems. The government did this to work towards reducing our reliance on traditional fossil fuels.

By offering payments to those who invest in renewable technology at home, it gives both a financial and environmental incentive. In fact, the financial rewards are so good, many householders are choosing to install a Nene Valley Eco Home Improvements solar PV system as an alternative to investing their money with traditional bank savings and ISA's or in shares

Solar PV can give you a tax free, minimum 7% return on your investment, guaranteed for 20 years, index linked.   

The Feed-In Tariff has 3 key elements:
You’ll get paid for ALL the electricity you produce (generation tariff). Your energy supplier will pay you a quarterly amount at a set rate (currently 14.90 pence for systems below 4kWp) for EVERY kWh you generate, even if you use this electricity in your house.

You’ll get extra payment for the electricity you don’t use (export tariff). There will be times where you won’t use all the energy you generate, this surplus will be exported automatically back to The Grid.  Your electricity provider will pay you an extra 4.64p for every unit.  Most suppliers can’t meter this though, so they assume you will use half the units you produce and pay you for the remainder.

You’ll reduce your energy bills.  During daylight hours, the electricity that is generated by your solar PV system will power any appliances that you are using.  Your income over the 20 years is set to rise as the value of the energy you use in your home will increase as electricity prices rise.  The past year has witnessed a 15% increase in energy costs alone.   

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